As a lender’s engineer, we help financial institutes and banks investing in solar projects by conducting a neutral audit to check the health of the target investment. We identify uncertainties and recommend corrective action to minimize the technical, financial and policy risks to your investment.

If you intend to invest in a solar project, we help you with technical viability assessment of the particular project. Our valuable inputs as a lender’s engineer help mitigate risks by timely identification of design anomalies, production bottlenecks, geographical and environmental challenges, financial miscalculation, and government and social constraints. Our years of experience in global markets ensures highest standards of assessment of the project. This not only keeps your investment safe but helps you create a technically sound project plan. We assist you in the following areas:

bullet-1Lender’s Engineer – Pre-Feasibility Assessment and Detailed Project Report

We thoroughly assess your solar project and provide detailed technical and financial inputs to safeguard your investment against risks. From thorough site assessment to the techno-commercial project viability to energy and yield forecasting, we ensure that you have all necessary inputs to make the right decision.

bullet-1Environmental, Social and Governmental Checks and Advisory

We ensure that your project is designed and operated in compliance with social, ethical and global standards for a positive impact on the environment and society.

bullet-1Solar Technology Learning Programs

Our experts empower your people with the right process and technology knowhow through our well-designed training programs. This comprehensive program helps translate this technical knowledge into everyday business practice.

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